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Stamped// Comic Relief

The reason for the silly red nose is for Comic Relief. Every 2 years the UK holds a 'Red Nose Day' where people buy a red nose to help rise money for many different projects in Afica and the UK itself.

Every Comic Relief that's happened so far has had a different theme. This time it's 'Big Hair And Beyond' (heance the hair on the red nose).

Also every Comic Relief there is a Comic Relief single, and this time the single('s, yes two songs) are by Brit award winning, pop band McFly. The songs are 'All About You' and a cover of 'You're Got A Friend'.

For more information go here, the official site. http://www.rednoseday.com/

So anyway I plan on doing something for comic relief. Maybe make my hair go big and mad maybe?


Thank you please.
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<333333 aww youre such a doll. :D